A Weekend Shout-Out


Yesterday some of us got the chance to drive out to Valencia to see our Social Media Managers installation on her school campus.  Quite an interesting presentation with its play of light and darkness. 


She describes the installation as follows:

 ˈpragməˌtizəm is a graphic score that explores additive functionality.

Where functional things can be more than functional. Where

functionality could be additive. Where something as practical as a

chair and a lamp can have an unpractical layer. This piece was

inspired by the desire to combine woodworking and composition. Where

composition is intertwined with self-sufficiency and sustainability.

The score is made from poplar scraps.


This weekend we’ll check out Art Los Angeles Contemporary to see what might inspire us in the local (and not so local) art scene.

 In the meantime, we’d like to acknowledge a few birthdays of a few important women this weekend as well.  Perhaps remembering these notable ladies and their accomplishments will further catapult us all into greatness.


TODAY – January 26

 Today is the birthday of Bessie Coleman (1892 -1926).  She was the first African-American woman in the world to fly a plane and earn an international pilot’s license.



 January 27

 Happy birthday Georgia Clark, first female U.S. Treasurer (1949-53), appointed by President Truman.

 Happy birthday Beatrice Tinsley (1941 – 1981), astronomer, who studied how light changes as stars age and found that young galaxies are brighter and bluer.

 Just a few of many…

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 Here’s to an inspiring and reflective weekend.