History of HOY

It started with a long-distance relationship.

 In 2016, when I had decided to give more love and attention to myself in lieu of the lack of attention I was receiving from the, then, love of my life.  I was trying to refine everything about how I cared for myself, including the way I treated my “sacred place.”  So I created a special blend of oil that would keep me supple and smelling sensuous.  I wanted glitter and rainbows to leap from my peerless part and with the oil I blended, it felt pretty close to that effect.

One day, several months later, an old friend and I were talking on the phone and she told me about a doctor’s visit she had scheduled to address an odor she was emitting that she wasn’t happy with.  The doctor, however, found nothing wrong with her and told her it was just what happened when a woman aged.  This information did not thrill her.

So I said, “Oh!  I have something for you to try.  I think you’re going to love it.”

I sent her a bottle of the oil I had initially only made for myself and created a special blend of essential oils and added it to her blend and named it “Lioness” after her assertive personality.

At the time, I had been working on creating a men’s fragrance, but had not finalized any formulas and after a round of product testing, was back to the drawing board.

My friend asked, “Why don’t you start selling the oil you made for me?  It’s so good and there’s nothing like it on the market.”

I had been so focused on creating one product that it hadn’t dawned on me to make my only finished product available.  If my friend loved it, I thought, how many more women would?  How many other sacred places could I help? That’s how PU55Y Oil was born, under a company inspired by the Orisha, Yemeyá and her nurturing, feminine spirit.

 I’m hoping that Heart of Yemalla will create many more high quality products to bring much needed care and pampering to women all over, in the spirit of the goddess the company gleans inspiration from.


K. Wright