April 18th - The Magic Date!

Now that it’s Spring, the California poppies in the hills mesmerizing everyone into trampling the hillsides and confounding local residents with relentless traffic - we’re switching gears. For the next fourteen days, we’re throwing all our efforts into promoting our first giveaway in an effort to get the word out about Heart of Yemalla and our products.


We’ve said it over and over, that we stand by the quality and benefits of our products 100%.  We believe we have something special – and we’re not the only ones!  Many of our customers have been very happy (and a little tickled) with our products. In fact, a lot of our business has come from word of mouth referrals, which of course makes us want to do cartwheels in the grass (we usually end up settling on a little happy dance).


To reach out to others this Spring, we decided to promote our products with an initial giveaway. It’s our first giveaway in the history of the company and we’re pretty excited about it.  In order to be entered into the contest, we’re asking people to subscribe to our mailing list, and of those who do, one fortunate person will win the prize containing one bottle of Sub Rosa Oil; one bar of Onyx Black Soap; one jar of Cocoa Butter and one Midnight blue and crimson cotton scarf.  It’s a $70 value that someone will enjoy and will later wonder how they lived without it (hopefully).

For all those who are already on the Heart of Yemalla mailing list, we ask that you fill out the same form to enter.  Don’t worry, you won’t get double the emails from us, we just want to make sure that you have the opportunity to participate as well.  After all, it’s our first customers who’ve been the pioneers, giving us the most feedback and motivation to continue on this journey.  We love you!

So, the magic date is April 18th.  That is the last date to enter the giveaway.  After that, we’ll all be holding our breaths, waiting with anticipation as we randomly select the winner.  I’m already trembling with excitement…

The time to enter is now, while it’s on your mind.  It would be such a shame if you didn’t even try when you have nothing to lose.  In fact, you have everything to gain.  Once you try us, you might just love us.  To enter, click here.

We with you the best!