Five Reasons PU55Y Oil Should be on Your Christmas Shopping List


We have a few days yet to do our Christmas shopping but as the day draws closer, we tend to start shopping out of panic.  A need to “get ‘er done.”  Today, while there’s still time in the pre-panic mode of shopping, we’d like to offer you five reasons you should consider placing our PU55Y Oil on your Christmas shopping list.

  1. Christmas should be about quality, not quantity.

Sure, it feels good kicking open the door, swaggering in like Santa with a sack full of shinny wrapped gifts over our shoulder, but consider the gifts we’re actually giving.  Will they really be meaningful to the receivers or were they just cheap enough to sneak onto our shopping list to add bulk to our sacks and stroke our egos?

Our oil is of high quality, natural ingredients.  Hand poured.  Hand mixed.  Hand labeled and shipped with love.

  1. Our oil get people excited.

Your friends will be so tickled to receive such fearless and unambiguous oil.  Something they never knew existed. 

  1. Giving our oil illustrates how deep and thoughtful you are.

Heart of Yemalla encourages empowerment.  Although a second party may delight in it as well, this oil is for the wearer, helping her build confidence and exhibit her own inner goddess.  How thoughtful you are to help her feel so good.

  1. You can avoid trying to prove something through your wallet.

PU55Y Oil – Lioness, is extremely affordable and allows you to give in the spirit of Christmas rather than the spirit of indebtedness.

  1. You’d be supporting a small woman-owned business.

Don’t you feel better when you purchase unique gifts from small businesses or individuals rather than huge conglomerates?   Doesn’t it make those purchases feel special?  Doesn’t it make you feel special?

If you purchase a bottle or case of oil this week, you still have time to get them in time for Christmas (within the U.S.).

Treat a friend, a sister, your mother, a lover – to a bottle of PU55Y Oil and watch their eye brows raise and their faces light up as they promise to use the oil that very night.

I hope we have convinced you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!