How You Like Us Now?


For the last few weeks we’ve been advertising the launch of our new cocoa butter like crazy.  We’re happy to say, that the reception of our second product has been a huge success.   Considering how we were receiving repeat sells before we even slapped a label for the jars, we were pretty confident that we’d get some positive feedback.  What we got, however, exceeded our expectations. 

Our Sub Rosa Oil in “Lioness” (formerly known as PU55Y Oil) is still doing quite well.  If you’re unfamiliar with our Sub Rosa Oil, it was our very first product, launched in September 2017.  It’s our vaginal odor guard and moisturizer (really good stuff).  You can read our story here:

Because of our Sub Rosa Oil’s continued popularity, we’ve decided to come out with a new scent.  We’ll give the “Lioness” a little competition.    We considered releasing this second scent sooner, but like I said earlier, our cocoa butter practically grew legs and was running out the door!  With no label on!

I know you’re probably dying to find out what the new scent is called.  Sorry to leave you in suspense but we’ll be revealing that later, with a swoosh and a bow.  What we can say, is that we will also have samples available in this new scent (free with every cocoa butter purchase).  We’re quite excited about this one too.

Lastly, I’d like to give a big “THANKS,” to all of our customers who have supported us and purchased our products so far (imagine tears running down my eyes).  We’d be nothing without you and our gratitude for you is immeasurable.   Please keep an eye out for more information from Heart of Yemalla.  Until then, Happy Summer!