It's Time We Did Our Part for Puerto Rico

By now, you’ve probably seen the reports, that despite what’s been reported from FEMA, the help for Puerto Rico has been incredibly slow and it’ll be MONTHS before the island will be back to pre-Hurricane Maria status.  Little water.  Little food.  Very little electricity. 

Back on September 28th we provided a list of organizations helping with hurricane relief and at that time, we stated that we were going to jump in and do our part as well.  After being reminded of how most hurricane relief help is given immediately after the disaster before petering out, we decided that now is the perfect time for us to lend a hand.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided that 5% of every order will be donated to hurricane relief for Puerto Rico from now until the month of February.  Five percent may not seem like a lot, but over time and by volume, can make a difference in several families’ lives.  Right now, being a brand spanking new company, it’s what we can do and when we’re in a position to do more, we will.  It is our guarantee.

In the meantime, you can purchase our product to help and/or donate to the organization you’re most passionate about to further help the people in the Caribbean, Florida or Texas who’ve been through so much.  We also recommend that you keep them in mind even when their reports are missing from your news sources.  Just because we don’t read about something, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Here’s to the human heart…