Kindly Be Patient: We’re Still Learning


Growing Heart of Yemalla is thrilling and nerve racking.  It’s liberating and time consuming and an adventure we’ve all welcomed with wide open arms.  Like many companies (pretty much like ALL companies), we’re going to make a few mistakes along the way though we’re trying to keep that to a minimum.

I took all that time to type all those words to say… we made a mistake.

It wasn’t until last week, when we received our first international order from the UK that we realized that we vastly underpriced international shipping for our customers.  Of course, because we were the ones who dropped the ball, we ate the cost and happily shipped our beautiful bottle of PU55Y Oil to our new friend across the pond, hoping she’ll love her new purchase (and tell all her friends and family). 

I bet you know where I’m going with this.  We are now going to have to increase our international shipping costs.  I know, I know… I wish we were big enough to offer you all free shipping all year long, but we’re just not there yet.  We can be with your continued support, so I’m asking you to please not get attitude-y with us when you see that shipping costs for international shipping have increased.  We love you!  But we do have to watch our pennies if we’re going to survive and thrive.

Until the announcement of our next mistake, please continue to check up on us and if you haven’t already, grab yourself a bottle of PU55Y Oil before the price of that goes up too. (Smile)