New Name: Sub Rosa Oil


When I first set out in creating Heart of Yemalla - to make our PU55Y available to every woman - the goal of naming our PU55Y Oil was to create a product name that would be bold.  Liberating.  It was to challenge women to embrace the word so many ducked and hid from.  It was to own it in name and in daily nurture - in theory and in practice.  The struggle, however, has been real.

Though many women I’ve spoken with along this journey have responded positively to the name, marketing, on the other hand, has been… difficult.  For example, try to write a press release with the term “PU55Y” in it through commercial avenues and see how much resistance you get.  We’ve thought very VERY hard about this and I have even fought the team in meetings on this, but in the end, we’ve come to agree, that we have to re-name our oil.

Next month, we will no longer call our oil PU55Y Oil.  Formally, it will be known as “Sub Rosa Oil.”  Sub Rosa is a Latin term that means, “to be done in privacy.”  The literal translation is “beneath the rose.”  As you can see we’ve gone SUPER subtle (and a bit poetic).  It’s a nice name. I, for one, will miss the raised eyebrows and soft giggles the previous name provoked.

We’re embracing change, though you still may see us informally refer to the old name.  In fact, the new name frees us up to drop the “5’s” we once believed was so clever. 

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