Not Created For Them, But For You Lady!

An interesting issue has sprouted into the field of our attention as we’ve been handing out samples in our inner and outer circles.  We’ve heard quite a few ladies repeat a similar mantra.

“Oh wow!  Well nothing has been going on down there for years!”

Hearing that always makes me aware of a distant twinge of sadness in my heart.  Not because of their lack of love-making (although under certain conditions, that can be a bit depressing too), but it’s the thought that the attention to their golden ravine is reserved for the pleasure of someone else.  Not them. 

“PU55Y Oil, however, is not exclusively for the sexually active,” we tell them, hoping we can persuade them into mustering up the courage to entertain an idea: pampering their sacred place for themselves.

The whole concept of PU55Y Oil was birthed from an idea of pampering my own yoni specifically because there was no one else but me to nurture it.  I wasn’t getting “any” either, but I was in a long term, long distant relationship at the time and determined not to let the lack stop me from nourishing it as it needed and as I wanted. 

When we decided to put the oil on the market, our intention was to empower other women to love and cherish their jade gates.  We wanted to dispel the taboo of talking about it.  We wanted to address some of the problems women kept secret and were ashamed to talk about.  We wanted, and still want, women to be happy, healthy and confident with herself, including her peerless part.

That a partner can enjoy the aromatic and textural benefits of the oil is a bonus, though it was not created for them, but for you lady!  It’s a new concept for many women, but together, I’m hoping we can reclaim the beauty, knowledge and pleasure of our hidden treasure.  For ourselves.  For our daughters. For women everywhere.