One of the reasons I had so few items in my cart in the grocery store, was because I looked around with new eyes and saw all the plastic in use. A store full of unapologetic plastic. It disgusted me.

I bought fresh vegetables and was hyper selective about the rest of my purchases.  I saw a woman choose the one brand of eggs that used a plastic carton and I wanted to run up to her and persuade her to pick a different brand, but I didn't.

By the time I reached check-out, I sighed.  With some items I felt like I didn't have a choice... at least not much of one. And I forgot my bags in the trunk of the car!

"You need bags?" the cashier asked.

"No. Thanks."

I did as I always did when I forgot the bags (which, surprisingly, is often), when I left the store and reached my car. I popped the trunk and packed my loose groceries into my recycled bags myself. It's the least I can do.

In 2020, it's time to execute much bigger changes. We say we love our environment and the planet, that we want to protect it. Well, here it is. The time has come to prove it.