We Have Notecards!


We have notecards!  We’re so excited about our new boxed notecards that I couldn’t help but blurt it out. 

For all of those special occasions where you want to write exactly what you mean instead of reading card after card in stores, hunting for the most appropriate message…

Or better yet, remember that time you forgot it was your friend’s birthday and you didn’t have time to buy anything, so you ran into your closet to find an article of clothing that still had the tag on it and then found a gift bag that wasn’t too Christmas-y or branded with a store name or logo?  Then you had to scrounge around to see if you had a blank notecard to write “Happy Birthday” but you couldn’t find one, so you ended up writing on that folded piece of paper that is supposed to act as a card that’s attached to the bag’s rope handle?  Remember? Well, that sounds chaotic but that’s life.  We can at least help with the notecard part.

Our boxed notecards are comprised of eight cards of four designs.  All the designs are sketches created by me (some of the original sketches in this collection have been exhibited alongside other works of art). The cards are composed of high-quality linen paper and are packaged with a peek-a-boo box window.  We’re pretty proud of them.

Now, imagine yourself picking up a box of these notecards and a “Clean Sweet Lioness Trio” (Lioness Sub Rosa Oil, Cocoa Butter and a bar of Onyx Black Soap).  You have an instant gift and card right there.  Consider it.

We wish you the best.