We Have Only ONE Product

Those who know who we are already know that currently, Heart of Yemalla carries one product and one product only.  Do we sound limited?  Heck yeah, we sound limited – and smart!  Being that we are a new company, our philosophy is to tackle one issue at a time, and our first task is to address the fragrance of the woman’s jade gate.  Of course, our product, the PU55Y Oil, happens to moisturize as well… Bonus!

Let me take you back to the first shoe that Nike sold, the “Cortez.”  The company, though it morphed from a shoe distribution company to a manufacturing company (under a different name), started with one shoe.  Oh… and think about the first time you ever saw the shoes called “Crocs.” They started with one product.  Though both of these companies are shoe manufacturers, they still fall in line with our point, that a good company can blossom by starting off with only one product.  The two companies mentioned have both ballooned into selling other products, just as we will one day… but they had to start somewhere.

By the way, since we only have one product to focus on, I think it might be important to mention that WE don’t call our one product “Pussy oil.”  We refer to it as “P U 55 Y oil.”  Yes.  We spell it out, like some serial number on the back of your television or the VIN number on your car.  We also understand that it’s a bold name and that some of our more reserved, more conservative ladies are a little uncomfortable with the name.    That’s okay too.  We’ve been conditioned not to speak of our nether region and therefore have oppressed ourselves into avoiding important discussions about our vaginas.  We have ONE product we’re hoping will open up the discussion.

We’re only going to be able to brag about having only one product for a short while, because as I’m writing this, other projects are being developed and designed.  Our aim is to give our customers the absolute best quality products we can to allow them to pamper and nurture their sacred cadichis. For now, however, we have only ONE product.